Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Beautify Your Hair With these Vitamins

There is no denying that hair on the head is nothing less than an asset for a person and thus it is crucial to get all the vitamins for hair.

Hair adds on to a person’s look and thus, one needs to take care of it. Maintaining healthy hair is not a difficult task provided one maintains a good lifestyle, good eating habits and has the right amount of exercise for his body. All the important factors that need to be catered to, will be thrown light upon in the later sections.

One needs to note the point that like every other body part, hair too needs the right amounts of proteins and vitamins so that it remains healthy. The hair follicles must be in good condition for healthy attractive hair. Many of us are not aware of the fact that each follicle has various stages during its growth and tearing down the process.

Vitamins for hair- are they a must?

It is due to deficiency of nutrients that the hair tends to thin and turns brittle. If the thyroid level is not active enough, then one might lose hair; whereas in case the level is high, the chances that hair turns greasy are enhanced. Though conditioners, head massage, and other hair oils can be of great help in this regard, the most important requirement is that of the right kind of nourishment through food.
It would be worth mentioning here that hair needs good amounts of copper for color, zinc in good amounts for growth and most important of all, iron for strength.

The other vitamins for hair are selenium that contributes to stronger hair can be found only from brown rice, onions, seafood and corn oil.

Protein is a must for people who wish to have healthy hair.

Vitamin A provided it is taken in the right amounts is inevitable for good hair. In the case where the amount of vitamin A is more than 25,000 IU, problems will show up.

Vitamin B1 is one of the most important vitamins for hair and it also helps in good functioning of the nervous system and related organs. Not many of us are aware of the fact that, in addition to this, it can be used as a remedy for fatigue and depression too.

For good circulation in the scalp, one has to provide the body with vitamin B3, also known as niacin. Food items like meat, chicken, and fish are rich in this vitamin. The ideal amount of niacin intake would be 15 mg and if more than 25 mg were taken, it would cause ‘niacin flush’, which is a heating sensation in the body.

Approximately 50 mg of Vitamin B complex which consists of biotin, folate, and inositol is said to be good for healthy hair. Vitamins for hair may also include Vitamins C, E and omega 3 fatty acids.



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