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What Top 20 Fitness Mistakes To Avoid as a Beginner

People who embark on an exercise regimen do not often get the expected result due to certain ‘fitness mistakes’ they inadvertently commit.
You may be diligently following a strict workout program but yet do not get those budging muscles or end up with a pulled muscle midway through it. If that is so, don’t be despondent. It is not the exercises that are to be blamed but your approach which could be behind the failure.

Common fitness mistakes

1. The Gym Slouch 

People have the habit of slouching when doing their workouts with the equipment in the gym like the treadmill. Debi Pillarella, MED, spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise and other experts call it a gym slouch. If you do not have a strong upper torso, you put your spine under stress by slouching. So, always be erect while working on the equipment.

2. Get your grip right 

Gripping on to the bar of the aerobic machine allows you to go through the motions without putting enough workload on your muscles. Pillarella suggests placing the fingers lightly on the machine if you are apprehensive of falling down. With practice, you should be able to do it just by touching it with your index finger only.

3. The habit of reading 

People have the habit of reading while working on the elliptical machine. Julie Isphording, host of the radio show Fitness Information talk On Your Feet says that indulging in too much reading while working on your elliptical machine can impede proper exercise. So, you must take a break from reading every three minutes and concentrate fully on your workouts.

4. Walking with weights 

Holding weights in hand while walking can be regarded as a way of combining cardio and training. This way, you put extra pressure on your ankle and shin, which may lead to a stress fracture. So, it is better to do your cardio and weight training exercises separately.

5. Cardio is the only important exercise 

Some people mistakenly believe that doing cardio is the only requirement. Isphording advises doing muscle strengthening exercises as well because people start to lose muscles after thirty. It also boosts up the metabolic activity of the body.

Fitness mistakes during strength training

6. Doing it too quickly 

The repetitive movements during weight lifting may injure the joints, apart from raising your blood pressure level. Pillardella says that you should always exhale during the lifting and inhale as you come down.

7. Improper abdomen exercise 

Sometimes, people do a lot of abdominal exercise without toning it properly and put pressure on the muscles in the upper body. Pillardella believes that you should only exercise those muscles that you intend to develop.

8. Doing faulty lat pulldowns is one of the common fitness mistakes 

Many people pull the bar in the machine behind their back which may result in injuries to the neck and spine. Pillardella advises pulling the bar in front of the chest.

9. Working with unsuitable machines 

The weight training machines at the gym are used by various people. The individual needs of people are different from one another. So, you must calibrate it first according to your body weight body before working with it in order to get the most out of it and avoid injuries. Take the help of an expert to chalk out an exercise regimen and avoid fitness mistakes.

10. Stretching exercises during workouts 

Stretching should always follow workouts. Doing it prior to exercise may result in straining of the muscles.

11. Bouncing 

Movements of the body during stretching put pressure on your muscles. So, it is always better to do it in a static posture.
Make your workout program interesting

12. Enjoy it 

Not deriving any fun out of exercise is an important fitness mistake. Honestly speaking, for most people regular exercise gets bored in no time. So, you should try to make it interesting. Isphording suggests working out in the company of friends to break the monotony.

13. Adopt and benefit from the new ways of workouts 

Like any other subject, ‘exercise and fitness’ has also gone through changes with newer techniques being developed. So, don’t commit the fitness mistakes of ignoring them by sticking to the ancient ‘leg lifts’.

14. Not changing your exercise regimen is also one of the fitness mistakes 

Many people continuously follow a set pattern of exercise, which is a major fitness mistake. By this, they exercise and develop only those specific muscles and body parts, ignoring the rest of the body. And once they develop them to the fullest, they no longer burn the same amount of calories.

15. Don’t expect high result in too short a time 

Kasper, who is a professor in the department of Kinesiology at Valdosta State University Valdosta, says that one of the fitness mistakes people do is to expect too much in too short a time. Three and a half to four hours of doing it in a week are ideal. A walk of thirty minutes thrice a week should help you to reduce a pound in a month. Exercising less or doing it too fast is not the answer.

16 Exercising only on Sundays 

You should exercise regularly. Doing it just on weekends is not enough. Sometimes, it can even result in injury.

17. Overdoing it  

People in their frenzy to attain quick results often overdo it. This common fitness mistake can cause an orthopedic problem.
The types, technique, and duration of fitness should be done only after due consultation with a fitness trainer.

The fitness mistakes of ignoring some important aspects

18. Ignoring warm-ups 

Not doing proper warm-ups is a big fitness mistake that many people commit.
Warming up for 5 to 10 minutes is a vital part of any exercise program. It provides the flow of oxygen and blood to muscles. It can just be walking. I don’t do it, you may end up with a torn muscle.

19. Not allowing the muscles to cool down 

 Like ignoring warm up, not allowing the body to cool down is also a fitness mistake. You should not stop your exercise abruptly. Continue doing it at a slower pace for 5 to 10 minutes. Otherwise, you may develop soreness in your muscles due to the accumulation of lactic acid in your body.

20. Not taking enough water 

Not drinking enough water during workouts is a grave fitness mistake. Fluid is vital for the contraction of muscles and not getting an adequate amount of fluid will cause dehydration which may result in muscle spasms. Pillardale advises taking ample fluid during exercise. Unlike athletes who lose electrolytes and potassium fast and hence have to take Gatorade, other people can take water which is by far, the best drink.

By avoiding these fitness mistakes, you will be able to derive maximum benefits from your fitness regimen.



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