Saturday, September 1, 2018

thyroid cancer symptoms in females

One might be shocked to know that the number of patients who suffer from the ailment of thyroid cancer is increasing rapidly at present. The reason for this is said to be the increased intake of fertility drugs by women.

As a matter of fact, the cases of thyroid cancer are said to be highest in women who take such drugs as compared to the ones who do not. Thus, there arises a necessity to know more in this regard and look for the right alternatives for such harmful drugs.

One of the therapists, named Belinda Wurn, has claimed to find a natural method of fertility treatment. After several studies were conducted, it has been proven that this method is greatly effective in providing solutions and this has been certified by various organizations too.

As per the study, it has been proven that about 71 percent of women, who were termed incapable of giving birth, have seen results in no time. While some of them already gave birth, the rest were said to be pregnant. This is good news as it allows women to avoid fertility drugs.

It has also been stated that in women who underwent IVF (In vitro fertilization) treatment after this therapy, the success rate was 67 percent as against 41 percent in a woman who went through the normal process. This data was made available by CDC and ASRM which are highly reputed and trustworthy sources.

The success of this therapy lay in the fact that this kind of treatment was successful in opening the fallopian tubes that otherwise seemed impossible without a surgery. Here too, out of the women in whom the tubes opened successfully, 61 percent went on to give childbirth.

Use natural methods of treatment to avoid thyroid cancer

With thyroid cancer being feared in women who use fertility drugs, the good news is that with natural methods of therapy for fertility, the scenario can be improved greatly. The impact of the above-mentioned medicine was so great that the organization, ‘miracle mom’ was formed. There have been many cases of people who have given childbirth in spite of having been diagnosed infertile.

One example in this regard is that of a woman named, Belinda. She was treated for cervical cancer and the solution was said to be a pelvic surgery. However, the pain showed up again and Belinda was told that the pain was due to adhesion that resulted from the surgery. The only solution to this was said to be surgery and this would increase the pulling sensation in the pelvis even more.

It was after this that the therapy and the studies in this regard began. After cases of thyroid cancer were reported, people started showing more interest in this method of drug-free therapy, that was made available to them.

Treatment via drug-free therapy avoids thyroid cancer

The therapist in this method studies the history of the patient and depending on how her body responds to the treatment uses the method of applying pressure to certain body parts where adhesion is said to have happened. Thus, with time, the affected parts of the body start responding to the treatment thereby returning to normal functioning and mobility.

Patients reported that they were able to get relief from pain that was chronic in nature prior to the treatment. Thus, it is advisable that people stay away from fertility drugs and consequently from thyroid cancer.


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