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What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening
What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening With the recent advancement in the field of dental cosmetics, plenty of teeth whitening options are available for everyone. It can be the Teeth Whitening Kit available over the counter or the treatment of a professional dentist. So, you can keep on smiling without any inhibitions.

But caution should be maintained while using any teeth whitening product on your own, for sometimes they can result in some side effects.

Go for a thorough teeth examination before starting a teeth whitening regimenThe teeth might need some cleaning or there might be cavities.

  • In such cases, it is better to defer the teeth whitening process. Sometimes, there might be inflammation in the gums. Detection and treatment of all these conditions can only be done by the dentist.

  • Seek the advice of your dentist about the most suitable teeth whitening regimen available over the counter for your teeth and the extent of whitening achievable.

  • Select your teeth whitening regimen judiciously

  • The teeth whitening products available over the counter are enriched with peroxide, especially carbamide peroxide, as the bleaching agent. Its concentration normally varies from 10% to 20%. So, it is better to start with a product that contains just enough of it for your teeth. In the case where the product is not providing the whitening effect but you are able to tolerate it, then you may go for a product that has a higher concentration of the bleaching agent.

  • You should look for the ADA seal of acceptance on the product.

  • Follow the instruction assiduouslyThe teeth whitening products, like the strips or gels, should be left for a specific period. For most products, it is generally for half an hour in a day for about couple of weeks. Allowing it to stay for longer than the recommended time can result in irritation of the gums and other problems.

  • Do not take soda, sports drinks or any other acidic drink within two hours of the teeth whitening session.

Take note of the following things for teeth whitening

  • Women who are pregnant or have infant babies should defer their teeth whitening.
  • The product states that the crown teeth are not amenable to teeth whitening. So, unfortunately, if your crowns are stained, it will give an uneven look to your teeth.

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Teeth whitening can produce mild inflammation of gums and tooth sensitivity. Sometimes, there may be irritation in the gums if the trays are ill-fitting. If that is so, stop the treatment immediately.

Don’t make it a habit

Some people go for teeth whitening at short intervals. After your teeth attain the desirable color, you can do it a couple of times at most in a year. Going for a touch-up session every month is sufficient once you achieve a satisfactory result after doing the teeth whitening.



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