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You Think You Know the Health Benefits of Coffee
You Think You Know the Health Benefits of Coffee

You Think You Know the Health Benefits of Coffee Caffeine, like any other foreign substance, has its own set of health benefits and side effects. However, a lot of people have their information mixed up and base their knowledge about the effects of coffee on one’s health solely on hand-me-down information.

To straighten things out, here are some coffee health myths and the actual fact behind it:

1. Drinking unfiltered coffee increases caffeine’s health risks.

Studies suggest that drinking unfiltered coffee, those prepared in French Presses, can cause an increase in bad cholesterol (LDL) and homocysteine levels, leading to a 10% increase in risks of heart diseases. However, homocysteine levels in people who drink filtered coffee were found to be just the same as those who drank unfiltered coffee.

2. Three cups of regular coffee a day can help improve memory retention.

Studies have shown that caffeine in coffee can temporarily enhance a person’s focusing and recalling ability. However, different results came up for different genders. Women aged 65 and older who took more than three cups of coffee a day showed 33% less decline in memory compared to those who drank only a cup a day. Men, on the other hand, did not show such promising results. It has been attributed to the fact that men and women digest caffeine differently.

3. Coffee causes stomach ulcers.

A lot of people, especially the elderly, are convinced that coffee can cause stomach ulcers supposedly because coffee can add to the stomach acids already upsetting your stomach. Coffee doesn’t cause the ulcer on its own, but it can add to your stomach acids and worsen an already existing ulcer.

You may think that you know a lot of things about coffee and its supposed health benefits and effects, but you might want to think that over again because you might actually be under the wrong impression.

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